Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the rate charged, it is agreed that the value of this shipment, whether consisting of one or more packages, is not greater than $100.00 and that the liability of Deliverer for loss or damages in connection with such shipment is limited to $100.00 unless a greater value is declared at the time the order is placed with Mobile Parcel Carriers, Inc. (Delivery Co.), in which event Delivery Co. will furnish a rate to insure the article for the higher value declared by the sender.  Delivery Co. shall not be liable for loss or damage to shipments improperly packed or labeled, or for loss or damage to cash, furs, jewelry, negotiable securities or other high value items, unless the item or items are declared at the time of placing the order to afford Delivery Co. an opportunity to adequately protect the shipment.  All complaints regarding loss or damage of any kind must be submitted to Delivery Co. in writing within fifteen days of receipt of the shipment by Delivery Co.  Claims not made within such fifteen day period shall be deemed waived by the shipper.  Should any claim in an amount which is in excess of the foregoing limits of liability be asserted against Delivery Co. by a third party for loss or damage to merchandise handled hereunder the shipper agrees to hold Delivery Co. harmless against any such claim irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage, including negligence.  The aforesaid terms and conditions and limitation of liability applies to and for the protections of Delivery Co., its service agents, employees and independent sub-contractors.